by Barbara Streibel

The Manager's Guide to Effective Meetings

Table of Contents

Preface (download as a pdf file)

Chapter 1. Meetings: The Best of Times and the Worst of Times
The Worst (of) Meetings
The Impact of Bad Meetings
The Best (of) Meetings
Make a Difference
Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 1
Download pdf file of Chapter 1

Chapter 2. Preparing for a Meeting
Develop the Agenda
Determine Your Purpose
Set Your Goals
Decide on Your Methods
Allocate Time
Sequence the Items
Who Should Meet?
When and Where Should You Meet?
Finalize and Distribute the Agenda
Prepare Materials
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 2

Chapter 3. Starting the Meeting
3, 2, 1 ... Start!
Warm up the Team
Set the Tone
Establish the Ground Rules
Assign Roles
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 3

Chapter 4. Conducting the Meeting
Follow the Agenda
Set and Maintain an Appropriate Pace
Share Information
Conduct Discussion
Manage Participation
Get a Decision
Plan Action and Make Assignments
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 4

Chapter 5. Closing the Meeting and Following Up
Final Matters
Summarize the Main Points, Decisions, Actions, and Assignments
Sketch the Agenda for the Next Meeting—if Any
Express Appreciation
Evaluate the Meeting
Write and Distribute the Minutes
Work the Assignments
Improve Your Meetings
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 5

Chapter 6. Techniques and Tools
Identify the Cause(s) of a Problem
Generate Ideas
Organize, Analyze, and Prioritize Ideas
Make Choices Involving Multiple Factors
Implementing the Decision
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 6

Chapter 7. Uh-Oh ... Now What? Problems and Possibilities
An Ounce of Prevention
Better Than Any Suggestions
Getting Started
Group Interaction
Group Dynamics and Individual Personalities Conflict
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 7

Chapter 8. Technological Tools and Meeting Virtually
What Makes a Meeting?
Virtual Meetings
Audio Conferencing
Discussion Lists
Still Images and Documents: Faxes and Files
Data Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 8

ISBN for this title: 0-07-139134-7

About the Author

Barbara J. Streibel is a consultant and manager of intellectual capital at Oriel Incorporated, a consulting and training firm located in Madison, Wisconsin. She is an expert coach of executives, managers, black belts, and teams in decision making, teamwork, Six Sigma problem solving, process management, and process improvement. She is a specialist in guiding development of infrastructures, systems, and processes to support teams and organizational initiatives. She was team leader in the development of the meeting skills training program offered by Oriel, which served as the source of this book. She is co-author of The Team Handbook, Second Edition and Building United Judgment: A Handbook for Consensus Decision Making. She received her Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University.

Visit the Oriel Website at

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