by Lawrence Holpp

Table of Contents

Preface (download as a pdf file)

Chapter 1. Questions to Ask Before Starting Teams
What Are Teams?
The Five Ps in Team
Why Do You Want Teams?
Where Do You Plan to Implement Teams?
What Do You Expect from Teams?
What Roles Are Crucial to the Team Process?
How Will You Evaluate Individuals Versus Teams?
How Will You Compensate Teams?
What Resources Will You Budget for Training and Development?
Whatís the Organizational Impact of Teams and How Can You Manage It?
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 1
Download a pdf version of Chapter 1

Chapter 2. Creating the Culture for Teamwork
Why Teams Make Sense for Business Today
Moving from Traditional to Self-Directed Teams
How Do You Know Youíre Ready for Empowerment and Teams?
Determining Your Readiness for Teams
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 2

Chapter 3. Teams and Business Strategy
How Can You Determine if Teams Are Right for Your Business?
Some Business Reasons for Teams
Is the Work Appropriate for Teams?
Are Your People Ready for Teams?
A Question More Important than Answers
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 3

Chapter 4. Why Organizations Have Problems with Teams
Five Major Potholes
Filling the Potholes
The Team Development Checklist
A Team Development Strategy
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 4

Chapter 5. Vision, Values, Mission, and Strategy
Begin with a Vision ... and Values
Missions Mean Muscles
Strategy: Planning for Success
Lead the Way ... from Within
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 5

Chapter 6. Team Dynamics
How Teams Are Supposed to Develop
How Teams Really Develop
How to Identify, Diagnose, and Treat Common Team Problems
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 6

Chapter 7. New Roles for Leaders of High-Performance Work Groups
The Six Roles of a Successful Manager
The Seven Bases of Power
Leadership Self-Analysis
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 7

Chapter 8. Conducting Team Meetings
The Problem with Meetings ...
Meetings and Roles
Guidelines for Effective Team Meetings
Handling Common Team Meeting Problems
What You Should Do as Manager
Problem-Solving Techniques for Meetings
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 8

Chapter 9. Coaching Teams and Team Members
The Basics of Coaching
Job Performance
Developing Team Players
Developing Leaders
Coaching from a Distance
Players as Coaches
Coaching by Example
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 9

Chapter 10. Coping with Conflicts and Changes
Resolving Conflicts
Direct Dealing
Reducing Conflicts
Coping with Changes
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 10

Chapter 11. Applied Empowerment
Problems with Empowerment
A Simpler Approach
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 11

Chapter 12. Evaluating Your Team
What Are Your Team Performance Problems?
How Effective Is Your Team?
How Good Are the Members of the Team?
How Else Can You Evaluate Your Team?
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 12

ISBN for this title: 0-07-071865-2

About the Author

Larry Holpp has spent 25 years implementing team-based strategies in a wide variety of organizations to support total quality, worker involvement, union-management cooperation efforts, and advanced manufacturing innovations. As a consultant, Larry has worked with service and manufacturing clients and helped institute total quality programs in a dozen hospitals and self-managing teams in manufacturing and financial services companies.

He is author of Team Turbo Training, a series of tactical training modules published by McGraw-Hill (1999), and over 20 articles on teams, quality, and empowerment in journals such as Training, The Journal for Quality and Participation, and Training & Development.

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