by Daniel Dana

Conflict Resolution

Table of Contents

Preface (download as a pdf file)

Chapter 1. What's a Conflict?
Is This a Conflict?
Kinds of Workplace Conflict
Interpersonal Conflict
Team Conflict
Conflict Prevention
Analyzing Conflicts
What Is Mediation?
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 1
Download pdf file of Chapter 1

Chapter 2. So What if There's Conflict?
Costs: Money Down the Drain
Calculating the Cost in Your Organization
Legal Costs
How Much Can Be Saved?
Risks: Torpedo Submarines in Our Midst
Detecting Submarines Before They Strike
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 2

Chapter 3. How to Resolve Any Conflict
The Three (and Only Three) Ways
A Case: Modern Amalgamated Industries, Inc.
Wrong Reflexes (Betrayed by Our Bodies)
Distancing and Coercion (Walk-Aways and Power Plays)
A Better Way
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 3

Chapter 4. How to Resolve a Conflict Between Others
A Case: Catastrophe Mutual Insurance Company
Managerial Mediation
Too Simple?
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 4

Chapter 5. How to Resolve a Conflict Between Yourself and Another
A Case: Hard Core Manufacturing, Inc.
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 5

Chapter 6. How to Resolve Team Conflict
A Case: The General Case Study Company
Team Mediation
Where’s the Conflict?
More Complex Structures
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 6

Chapter 7. How to Mediate All the Time to Prevent Conflicts
A Paradigm Shift
A Case: Patients-R-Us Hospital
Thinking Tools
Completing the Paradigm Shift
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 7

Chapter 8. Strategic Management of Organizational Conflict
A Case: Mediation Training Institute International, Inc.
The Three Strategies
Which Are You?
The Three Dimensions
Getting from Here to There
Strategic Management of Conflict on a Smaller Scale
Making a Difference
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 8

ISBN for this title: 0-07-136431-5

About the Author

Dan Dana is a pioneer in the field of mediation. He has pushed the frontier into new territory by reframing mediation as a self-help tool as well as a professional service.

Dan has been a student and practitioner of conflict resolution since the early 1970s. As a graduate student in counseling psychology, he learned a facilitative approach to family systems therapy. Among fellow counseling interns, he became the "go-to guy" for resolving marital conflicts. His doctoral dissertation was on the subject of workplace conflict.

Upon completing the Ph.D. in 1977, Dan developed one of the first Employee Assistance Programs in the federal government under contract with the United States Office of Education (Department of HEW) during the administration of President Jimmy Carter. There, he began to understand that managers and supervisors, with brief training, could perform simple mediation to resolve employee conflicts within their areas of responsibility.

As a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Hartford (Connecticut) in 1978, Dan initiated a graduate MBA course, "Managing Organizational Conflict," which he continues to teach there and at the Summer Institute of Conflict Resolution at Syracuse University (Maxwell School of Government). His course receives the highest student evaluations among all courses in the University of Hartford graduate school of business.

Upon leaving full-time academics in 1985, Dan founded the Mediation Training Institute International, a global network of Certified Trainers who conduct one-day seminars in managerial mediation and self-mediation based on his work. Dan's first book, Managing Differences, now published in six languages worldwide, serves as a sourcebook for those seminars.
In 1998, Dana Mediation Institute, Inc., was founded to advance the strategic management of organizational conflict.

He is a popular conference and convention speaker whose most requested keynote title is "Weaving Mediation into the Fabric of Organizations." Dan resides in Kansas City and works at

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