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In 1998, McGraw-Hill and CWL Publishing Enterprises, a book packaging company, joined forces to develop a new series of business titles called Briefcase Books.

These books deal with fundamental business and management topics, presenting the essentials in an easy-to-read style with a reader-friendly format and a strong emphasis on examples and how-to. The books feature short sidebars on nearly every page that provide smart managing tips, tricks of the trade, key terms, cautions, mistake proofing, examples, tools.

Briefcase Books are aimed at the needs of managers at all levels and in all types of organizations who want to create a workplace where people enjoy their work, continuously improve their performance, and care about customer satisfaction. And they have been used around the world. Briefcase Books have been translated into 17 different languages.

This site is designed to give you more information about all the titles in the Briefcase Books series. You can learn about the authors (and e-mail them with questions), and click on links to author Web sites. You can also download PDF files of actual sample chapters from the books, and, if you're interested in adopting any of these books for a training program, download discussion guides to facilitate this.

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Manager's Guide to Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity
by Barry Callenspa Click to Learn More
Manager's Guide to Innovation and Creativity in Teams
by Charles Pratherspa Click to Learn More
Manager's Guide to
by Curtis Crawfordspa Click to Learn More
Manager's Guide to Operations Management
by John Kamauffspa Click to Learn More
Manger's Guide to Business Planning 
by Peter Capezio

Click to Learn More
Sales Techniques
by Bill Brooksspa Click to Learn More
Time Management
by Marc Mancinispa Click to Learn More
The Manager's Guide to
Performance Reviews
by Robert Bacalspa Click to Learn More
Manager's Guide to Strategy
by Roger Formisanospa Click to Learn More
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
by Gene Siciliano

Click to Learn More
Manager's Survival Guide
by Morey Stettnerspi Click to Learn More
Interviewing Techniques
for Managers
by Carolyn B. Thompsonsspi Click to Learn More
Retaining Top Employees
by J. Leslie McKeownspi Click to Learn More
Managing Multiple Projects
by Michael Tobis and Irene Tobisspi Click to Learn More
Negotiating Skills for Managers
by Steven P. Cohen


Click to Learn More
Communicating Effectively
by Lani Arredondospa Click to Learn More
Skills for New Managers
by Morey StettnerspaClick to Learn More
Leadership Skills for New Managers
by Marlene CarosellispaClick to Learn More
Empowering Employees
by Ken Murrell and Mimi MeredithspaClick to Learn More
Customer Relationship Management
by Kristin Anderson and Carol Kerr

Click to Learn More
Conflict Resolution
by Dan DanaspaClick to Learn More
Recognizing and Rewarding Employees
by R. Brayton BowenspaClick to Learn More
Performance Management
by Robert BacalspaClick to Learn More
Hiring Great People
by Kevin Klinvex, Matthew O'Connell,
and Christopher KlinvexspaClick to Learn More
Project Management
by Gary Heerkens

Click to Learn More
Effective Coaching
by Marshall CookspaClick to Learn More
Managing Teams
by Larry HolppspaClick to Learn More
Motivating Employees
by Anne Bruce and Jim PepitonespaClick to Learn More
The Manager's Guide to Business Writing
by Suzanne SparksspaClick to Learn More
Presentation Skills for Managers
by Jennifer Rotondo and Mike Rotondo, Jr.

Click to Learn More
The Manager's Guide to
Effective Meetings
by Barbara Streibelspi Click to Learn More
Building a High
Morale Workplace
by Anne Brucesip Click to Learn More
Budgeting for Managers
by Sid Kemp and Eric Dunbarspi Click to Learn More
Six Sigma for Managers
by Greg Bruespi Click to Learn More
Design for Six Sigma
by Greg Brue and Robert Launsby

Click to Learn More
Accounting for Managers
by William Webster



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