by Lani Arredondo

Communicating Effectively

Table of Contents

Preface (Click to download pdf file)

Chapter 1. It's All About Communication
What You Do
A Shift in Mind-Set and Skills
The Importance of Interpersonal Communication
Interactions in a Contemporary Organization
The ABCs of Constructive Communication
The Communicator's Checklist for Chapter 1
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Chapter 2. The Part Perceptions Play
The Power of Perceptions
Communication Cues
Verbal Cues
Vocal Cues
Visual Cues
No Matter What You Do ...
Managing Your Perceptions
A Useful Self-Assessment
The Communicator's Checklist for Chapter 2

Chapter 3. Profiles and Preferences
Communication Styles
Thought Patterns
Communication Profiles
The Ideal Team
How to Customize Your Communication
The Communicatorís Checklist for Chapter 3

Chapter 4. Building Blocks of Effective Interactions
What It Means to Be Effective
Build Rapport
Gain Respect
Gear to the Level of Readiness
Intent and Interpretation
Effective Interactions Take ALL Skills
The Communicatorís Checklist for Chapter 4

Chapter 5. Communicating So They Get It Right
Reasons Employees Donít Produce Good Results
Giving Instructions
Giving Corrective Feedback
Giving Positive Feedback
The Communicatorís Checklist for Chapter 5

Chapter 6. Dealing with Counterproductive Communications
Taking Off on Tangents
How to Treat Tears
How to Handle Complaints About Coworkers
Aggressive Communications
Passive Communications
Your Role in Conflict Between Employees
The Communicatorís Checklist for Chapter 6

Chapter 7. Making the Most of Meetings
The Cost/Benefit Ratio
Types of Meetings
ďMustsĒ Before a Meeting
Keeping Meetings on Time and on Track
Leadership and Facilitation Skills
Bringing the Meeting to a Close
Identify Areas for Improvement
The Communicatorís Checklist for Chapter 7

Chapter 8. Steps to Successful Presentations
Consider the Audience
Compose the Content
Create Enhancements
Between Preparation and PresentationóPractice
Communicate Skillfully
Keeping Calm
The Communicatorís Checklist for Chapter 8

Chapter 9. E-Communications
Whatís Best?
Five Fundamental Factors
Voice Mail
The Communicatorís Checklist for Chapter 9

Chapter 10. Finishing Touches
Communicating with the Boss
Communicating with Your Peers
Connect to the Grapevine
Communicate Through Change
Communicate Through Stories
Communicate with Humor
Communicate Through MBM
The Communicatorís Checklist for Chapter 10

ISBN for this title: 0-07-136429-3

About the Author

Lani Arredondo is a trainer and conference speaker specializing in communication and management skills. An honors graduate of the University of California, she enjoyed an award-winning career with IBM, served on the faculty of National Universityís School of Business and Management, and was a top-rated trainer with a leading international seminar company. She is the author of two other books from McGraw-Hill:

How to Present Like a Pro

The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Business Presentations

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