by Kristin Anderson and Carol Kerr

Table of Contents

Preface (download frontmatter as a pdf file)

Chapter 1. Customer Relationship Management Is Not an Option
The Accidental Project Manager
Customer Relationship Management Defined
Technology Does Not Equal Strategy
The Power of CRM
CRM Success Factors
CRM Is Here to Stay
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Chapter 2. The Customer Service/Sales Profile
Why Call It the Customer Service/Sales Profile?
The Three Levels of Service/Sales
The Shape of Your Customer Service/Sales Profile
Pitfalls of the Customer Service/Sales Profile
CRM and Your Profile

Chapter 3. Managing Your Customer Service/Sales Profile
Sonjia's Contact Center
Maurice's Food Brokerage
Managing Initial or Stand-Alone Transactions
Managing for Repeat Business
Managing for Customer Advocacy

Chapter 4. Choosing Your CRM Strategy
CRM Strategy Starting Points
Picking the Player
Preparing for Your First Meeting
The CRM Strategy Creation Meeting(s)
Identify Potential Strategies
CRM Strategy Selection

Chapter 5. Managing and Sharing Customer Data
Return to Your Strategies
Data vs. Information
Managing Customer Information—Databases
Ethics and Legalities of Data Use

Chapter 6. Tools for Capturing Customer Information
Where to Get the Data and Information
The Computer Is Your Friend (but Not Always Your Best Friend)
Believe It or Not

Chapter 7. Service-Level Agreements
Service-Level Agreements Defined
Three Keys to Effective SLAs
Creating an SLA
Using SLAs to Support Internal Customer Relationships
Making SLAs Work

Chapter 8. E-Commerce: Customer Relationships on the Internet
CRM on the Internet 101
Choosing the Right Vehicle
Three Rules for Success on the Road to E-Commerce
What Does the Future Hold?

Chapter 9. Managing Relationships Through Conflict
Managing the Moment of Conflict
“But ‘Nice’ Never Bought Me a Customer”
Customer Relationship Management Is an Early Warning System
What if the Customer Is the Problem?

Chapter 10. Fighting Complacency: The “Seven-Year Itch” in Customer Relationships
But They Love Me!
The Illusion of Complacency
Customer Needs Change
Make Parting Such Sweet Sorrow
Renew Your Vows

Chapter 11. Resetting Your CRM Strategy
Ready, Set, Reset!
Phase 1. Are You Hitting Your Target?
Phase 2. Does Your CRM Strategy Work for Your People?
Phase 3. Time for Change
Closing Words

ISBN for this title: 0-07-137954-1

About the Author

Kristin Anderson, is president of Say What? Consulting, a Minneapolis-based firm that works with individuals and organizations to assess existing customer service and communication practices, create and implement change plans, and improve service and communication effectiveness.
Her clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, from private sector companies to non-profit organizations. Kristin has worked internationally with employees at all levels—from top executives and senior managers, to front-line staff and support area employees.
In addition to writing Customer Relationship Management with Carol Kerr, Kristin is author of Great Customer Service on the Telephone (AMACOM), and co-author of four books in the bestselling “Knock Your Socks Off Service”® series, including Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service.
Kristin is host of the six-part video training series, “On the Phone ... with Kristin Anderson,” created with Mentor Media of Pasadena, CA, and Ron Zemke of Performance Research Associates, Inc. Her articles and interviews have appeared in numerous publications.
An active member of the National Speakers Association, Kristin was honored by the NSA-Minnesota Chapter in 1999 as “Member of the Year.” Kristin is also a member of SOCAP (Society for Consumer Affairs Professionals).
When not speaking, training, consulting, or writing, Kristin enjoys on-the-water activities, including racing her MC sailboat during the summer and playing BroomBall during the winter.
Visit Kristin's Web site at

Carol Kerr has over a decade of consulting experience, including work as an Organization Effectiveness Consultant for Motorola. She is currently president of VisionResearch, an organization effectiveness consulting group working with high-tech, hospitality, and public sector organizations. VisionResearch take a systemic, whole organization view to assessing overall effectiveness, and then works with our clients to close performance gaps.
As a frequent guest lecturer for the Human Resources Development graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin, Carol addresses topics that range from the basics of developing a corporate learning program, to establishing a common understanding of corporate strategy and goals in a global market place, to developing and implementing corporate strategies.
Carol’s expertise in how organizations function has allowed her to work with a variety of different types of groups including marketing and sales, product design, manufacturing, facilities, guest services, and even other consulting groups. She regularly finds herself working with clients on strategy development, goal setting, customer service, team building, process improvement, and quality system development.
When not working Carol enjoys camping, cooking, sewing, and auto racing. She is an avid NASCAR Winston Cup fan and regularly attends races at tracks across the country.
Carol has a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from North Dakota State University. Carol and Kristin originally met while competing on their respective school’s speech teams. She also holds a master’s degree in organizational communication from Southwest Texas State University.

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